Do you want to lose weight, build muscle & strengthen your core, including your glutes?

Have joint limitations or going through injury rehabilitation?

PiYo is high intensity but low impact. You will sweat and burn calories at the same time as strengthening and toning your whole body.  Without weights or jumps!

PiYo is like the 'perfect storm' of group exercise formats.  It combines strength training, cardiovascular training, and balance and flexibility training all into one choreographed group fitness experience!

Using Pilates and Yoga moves as inspiration, PiYo was created in America by Chalene Johnson.  I started using the DVD's in summer 2015 when suffering from yet another injury and I immediately loved it!  I don't get any injuries through exercise anymore and definitely feel stronger.

I have been instructing classes since January 2016.

My Classes are:

Tuesday's 6pm & Saturday's 9.30am at Stevenage Injury Clinic, inside the BTC.  £5  pay as you go. You can book here

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