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So, blogs, lots of people do them and I’ve been thinking of starting one for a while but like everything I worried about ‘doing it right’ and what people will think! I am trying hard to work on these thoughts with my meditation and personal development books, but I’ll save all that for another day!!

 When thinking this morning about what to write it came to me that I think the biggest thing me and my ‘mummy’ friends talk about is how hectic our weeks are!!!! And I know you can control how you think, feel and respond to the daily grind, but sometimes being a mum, and especially a working Mum, can be bloody hard!!!!

 Here’s a snipit of some of my week:

 Tuesday:  drop kids at school, an hour meditation class, quick Sainsbury’s trip, home for lunch, work 12.30-2.30pm, straight to pick kids up from school, 10 min coaching call, take Amba to football, then straight off to teach my PiYo class!

 Thursday: sorting out kids uniform and breakfast then there’s a power cut before I’ve had time to eat my breakfast!!!! Drop kids at school and rush to gym for TRX  class, get ready while dealing with work phone calls, facial client at 1pm, quick trip to Sainsbury's , pick the kids up, take Kamran to gymnastics, reflexology client in the evening.

 Friday: drop the kids at school, work 9.30-11.30am, pop to Salon services, home for lunch and cook dinner for the evening, pick kids up from school, Karman’s swimming at 4.15, straight to Amba's gymnastics 5.15-6.15pm. Home for dinner then reflexology client in the evening.

 Saturday: teach my PiYo class at 9.30am then now looking after the kids all day while hubby works. Then tomorrow morning Jasmine has a netball match!

Sound familiar???!!!! I’m betting your week was pretty much the same as that!!


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