empowering women workshops

Most women are giving away their power without even realising it! I'm a Facilitator for Her Invitation and we run workshops where we open up the discussion around this and show you ways you can increase your power and influence both at work and home.

Date & tickets for my latest workshop, sponsored by Wenta here

The workshops are For Women who want ....

Their ideas & opinions to be taken more seriously
To be heard when they speak
To have more of an impact at work and at home
To expand their comfort zones
To kick any self-doubt into touch
A stronger, inner self belief

Workshop content:

  • Are you giving your power away without even realising it
  • Owning self-doubt
  • The art of negotiation
  • Finding your voice
  • Owning your space
  • Articulating and recognising your value

Plus much more!

More information about Her Invitation here


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